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This year, we are thrilled to be part of a Long Beach wide fundraising day, Long Beach Gives, where funds will be raised to provide opportunities for seniors to have social, educational, recreation and spiritual experiences throughout the year.

All seniors are welcome to participate in any of our programs and events regardless of their race or faith.

On behalf of all of the seniors in Long Beach, THANK YOU for your support. 


Through this fundraising day we want to be able to continue to provide seniors in the LB community the opportunity to come to the J and share a meal with others, sing their hearts out and learn how to deal with stressful situation through the happiness & humor group.  


Wednesdays at the Alpert JCC are all about Seniors

If you happen to be at the Alpert JCC on Wednesdays, you can’t help but notice over 70 seniors enjoying a hot lunch, heart warming entertainment and the company of fellow friends, volunteers and staff members.

Every year, the Alpert JCC provides close to 4,000 hot lunches to seniors in our community. We provide not only a meal, but rather a space where they engage in conversations, enjoy entertainment and even win free raffles! Seniors Wednesdays are solely made possible by donations.

Your support on Long Beach Gives Day (9.19.19), allows the Alpert JCC to continue to provide these lunches, entertainment and raffle prizes to seniors in the Long Beach Community. More importantly, it will allow for us to continue to prevent senior isolation in our community.  


Big Laughs at Happiness & Humor Group

Research shows that laughter draws people together in ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. On the first Friday of every month, the Alpert JCC is filled with laughter as seniors gather for the Happiness & Humor Group where they learn, discuss and participate in activities on how to maneuver through stressful situations through a humorous way.

Your support on Long Beach Gives Day (9.19.19), allows the Alpert JCC to provide transportation to seniors in the Long Beach Community to attend programs at the J, like the Happiness & Humor Group. Having reliable transportation to come to the J and participate ensures our seniors the opportunity to stay active, converse, make friends or simply receive a compliment and a smile from a familiar face.  

Staying connected with homebound seniors

Every year, the Alpert JCC puts together roughly 300 baskets filled with holiday food and keepsakes for those who live alone. Unfortunately, The J depends heavily on donations to make these baskets happen for our homebound seniors.

Your support on Long Beach Gives Day (9.19.19), allows the Alpert JCC to continue to these holiday gift baskets to seniors that otherwise wouldn’t have the means to celebrate our Jewish traditions and keep them connected to the community. 

Thank you for supporting our community

Here are a few quotes from the individuals who fill our halls with laughter and make this program special.

"I don't know what my life would be without the many Senior programs at the J. I moved from the east coast after losing my husband and attended the Happiness & Humor group. Not only did I learn how to combat loneliness but I made great friends." -Miriam  

"I try not to miss my fitness classes, senior lunch or the Barbara Alpert Chorus. Dr. Susan makes me feel like I'm the most important person in the world." -Helen 

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